Why should you read this online poker guide?

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    Stacey Laura Lloyd
  • 17 October 2019
Why should you read this online poker guide? Top 10 Casinos

Apart from having fun you are probabely thinking if you can make real money by start playing poker! In fact, if you know how to play poker online – this includes hand rankings, poker sequence and royal flush the chance is really high.

Once you learn poker rules, you can use any online poker site and get to conquer any poker table and understand the way you win or lose.

Poker is different from other casino games: in slot machines, for example, it’s only you and the gambling machine but in online poker, you want to make it a cash game while having fun. Unless you play video poker, which looks like slot machines, in poker games you play against the opponents; so, get ready to read and crush it.

And gambling gives you a high opportunity to win prizes. That’s why we created this guide for you to understand poker rules and how to play poker in general. In no time you will know about poker so much that you will be able to make real money poker from gambling.

Who did we write this poker online guide for?

Whether you are pro or a newbie at poker, here is a helpful poker online guide for you to get acquainted with poker games and have the best poker hand.

There are many poker types, such as 5 card stud, 7 card stud, 5 card draw, 7 card draw poker and Texas hold em. To give you an example, with 5 card draw a poker player gets five cards; he or she can draw poker cards and change up to three cards in a poker hand. This poker variation is interesting to people because of the chance to draw poker cards, that are more suitable.

In this guide, we will provide information on Texas hold em but if you are interested in 7 card stud, stud poker or draw poker, then focus on those poker games instead.

So, if you want to know the basic poker rules and play for real money poker, stay tuned. With this guide you will learn what is poker, how to play poker plus some tips and tricks. It will be more than enough for your initial poker table, be it in Great Britain or US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or basically any other english language countries that are legally allowed to play.

Where to play online poker?

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How To Play Poker

  1. Where to Play Online Poker? 

    From Zynga poker to stud poker and from Texas hold em to poker tournaments such as World Series of Poker, as part of a poker player pool you should look for top online poker sites that offer real money gambling so you can implement what you will learn here about a winning hand and a right poker strategy.

    You can also try out popular apps on iOS and android. iOS and Android apps are suitable for beginners at poker games and those who want to improve their skills. Whatever you choose, just make sure that the best online casinos operate under UK gambling commission or other regulators. To demonstrate, here are some examples of licensed and regulated casinos, that offer real money from gambling.

    It is important for online gaming operators to be licensed and regulated. As an indicator, you can look for online gambling regulators, such UK gambling commission or Kahnawake gaming commission. In this way, you will be sure that the online casino of your choice operates legally.

  2. How to Win Poker Hand to Hand Rankings

    Texas hold em is popular for a reason: it’s easy, it’s fast and it offers real money. Due to poker tournaments, especially World Series of Poker aka WSOP you can enjoy global poker craze even if you are in Great Britain or New Zealand.

    Your objective at the poker table is to get the poker chips, which are turned into real money. And unlike draw poker, in Texas hold em you are not able to change your cards to win.

    Whether you win or lose depends on your poker hand as a poker player. As you learn how to play poker you will notice that other factors, such as poker hands order and poker sequence, are important too. Still, the more you play at the casinos with registered trademarks the better you will become at poker games from Texas hold em and Omaha to 7 card stud.

  3. Get to Know The Hand Rankings to Win Real Money

    As you understand the ways to play online poker for real money, you should know everything that has to do with a poker hand. Hand rankings are part of the online poker for real money too.

    A hand is basically the cards you get. Whatever you have in your hand is your hand of cards.

    Now, in Texas hold em a poker player gets two cards. Those are so-called hole cards because they are hidden from other players.

    The rest of the cards are face up and they are called community cards.

    What’s next?

    It’s important to know the winning hand and hand ranking – it directly affects whether you win or lose at poker unblocked or stud poker. For that reason, check out poker hands order below.

    Now, if you get the royal flush, the number one hand in poker sequence, you are most likely to win! You should still memorize the rest of poker hand rankings, so that you know how to form a poker hand, how to bet and, ultimately, how to win.

    You have a few options to practice the hand rankings. You may learn hand poker sequence by hand, for example, this is a straight flush, or this is a royal flush. The method is not very effective when it comes to digesting all poker rules.

    That’s why you might want to take another approach for poker hands order. There are tons of free poker games: with poker unblocked, 888 poker or Global poker you can try out free poker online. Or you may play poker for real money to learn the poker hands order. This is not recommended, especially when you learn how to play poker and when you need to memorize poker sequence at first.

    Still, you might want to check various poker games, including 888 poker, Zynga poker, Global poker or the options we recommended. Regardless of your choice, check if the website operates at least under UK gambling commission.

    If you prefer mobile games, you will enjoy apps on iOS and android. With iOS and Android games, you can easily practice poker on mobile devices.  

  4. How to deal poker Texas hold em 

    Aside from the poker hands order and hand rankings, such as straight flush and royal flush, you should know how to deal the cards too. Whether you play Texas hold ’em and Omaha, this is to execute poker rules next time you sit at a poker table with your friends. Moreover, this step will help you as you learn how to play poker for real money.

    First, shuffle the cards. Then distribute one card at a time. Do it clockwise and face down starting with the first poker player to your left. You, the dealer, get the last card.

    After the distribution, “burn” the first card off the top deck. What it means is that you put that card aside while making sure that no one sees it. In other words, no poker player needs those cards.

    Next, you fold three community cards in a row, aka flop. Then there is a betting round or no betting round, depending on the choice of players. In any case, the first poker player to bet is the one left to the dealer, that is the player with small blind, followed by the player with the big blind.

    What’s the deal with the small and big blind?

    The purpose of these blinds is to make sure that there is money in the poker games. The small blind is a small bet and big blind is usually two times more.

    You should also remember that the dealer might change. This is usually signified by passing on the dealer button. Just like the dealer, the players having small or big blinds change too.

    Coming back to the game, the dealer burns a card and folds one more community card. Then we have another betting or no betting round.

    It’s time to burn the last card and fold the next card. Place the deck on top of the burnt cards and put it away. Once again, the player with a small blind, the player with a big blind and the rest of the poker players continue playing.

    Though in each round there is betting, you don’t have to do that each time. But if you don’t bet, you might as well lose the chance to win real money.

    When it’s your turn you have three options: call, raise or fold.

    To call is to match the last bet. Let’s say, your last bet was $2.5. After another round, it’s your turn again; the player, who plays before you, puts in $3. If you call, you must put your initial $2.5 plus $0.5 to match the bet the last player made.

    When raising, you make the minimum bet in addition to whatever raise you to want to do. For example, if the bet on the table is $5 and you want to raise one more dollar then you put in $6 in total.

    What about folding?

    Say, it’s your turn and you don’t like your hand. Maybe you don’t have a straight flush, royal flush or anything that brings you closer to real money – then lay down your cards and stop playing. Fold when you believe your cards won’t get you anywhere.

    There’s one more option in poker sites: it’s called check. Checking basically means not betting. You can use this option if there was no betting in the round.

    With two or more players remaining in the game, cards are shown and the person having the best hand in combination with the community cards gets the chips.

  5. Value Betting in Poker

    Don’t play slowly if you think you have a good poker hand. To win big, you should raise the bet in poker games from Texas hold ’em and Omaha to 7 card stud.

    It doesn’t mean that you must bet all your money in one of your first poker tournaments, e.g. WSOP. You are just starting out, so give yourself some time to understand every small detail, such as poker chips. Then, as to whether you will win or lose in WSOP, you can increase your bet according to your financial capability.

    Still, remember that you are responsible for building up the winning pot too because you can be the one who gets all poker chips.

  6. Making Decisions at Online Poker

    Occasionally, you might have a bad poker hand. So, in order to stay in the poker unblocked or Zynga poker, you might want to call or raise.

    Not a good idea.

    Instead, you are better off folding because it will save you poker chips. Just like with slot machines, stop playing when the casino game is not in your favor anymore or just switch to another one and have a look at other online poker rooms.

    So next time you are unsure of your poker hand, let it go. Instead, open another game on iOS and android mobile devices to see if new poker sites are suitable for you.

  7. Poker table: should you call, raise or fold? 

    Let your general guideline be this: if you think you have a good hand while most of the players fold, then raise. Chances are your poker hand is even better than you think.

    Say, you decide to call at stud poker. What happens then? You probably give a message of a passive poker player and your fellows might estimate your hand correctly.

    As for fold, do it early on if you think, that you will lose at poker games. This applies regardless of whether you play in Great Britain or Sweden.

  8. What about real money when playing poker?

    As a beginner, you should bet small. And if you don’t have much cash for poker online, there is still a way out.

    Say, you have $100. Stretch it out: you may even start with a coin. Make sure that if you lose you have access to a decent amount of real money for the next poker tournaments, such as World Series of Poker aka WSOP.

    Above is poker strategy you can benefit from as you play Texas hold em and Omaha or 888 poker and card stud poker. You can also use the following tips as you play poker online on any recommended website with registered trademarks.

    Mentioning the poker sites, there are certain things you should be attentive to. For example, it is important that the poker sites of your choice operate under UK gambling commission or any other gambling authority. This way you will avoid any type of unpleasant experience with poker sites.

    To put it differently, it doesn’t matter whether you play free 888 poker or Zynga poker – just make sure that the casino is licensed and regulated with registered trademarks.

  9. Online poker tips: the last step before you win or lose

    Want some drinks at a poker table?
    Probably a bad idea, even though it’s ok if you consume the alcohol to loosen up during the next World Series of Poker event. But imagine how many mistakes you can make at a video poker game or at a poker table just because of this poor decision.

    You wouldn’t want to lose at poker games because of a drink. That’s why to refrain from free drinks at brick and mortar casinos with registered trademarks.

    Luckily for you, there is no such thing in poker online. So, make the most out of your royal flush or straight flush and win real money.

  10. Poker bluff: does every poker player do that?

    A poker player may assume that anyone else at a poker table is inclined to bluff because unlike slot machines, in poker you play not only against the house but also against your opponents.

    First off, as a beginner, you should focus more on the poker games and whether you internalized all the poker rules along with some strategies and tips.

    Do you know what is a straight flush or royal flush? Can you make a winning hand? To answer these questions, you can try free poker, poker unblocked or even video poker – you will see whether this game is for you.

    Secondly, bluff works only in specific situations with specific opponents. If you want to learn more about the poker tells then go to this article.

    So, don’t bluff just because you think you have to. This is a separate topic, which should be addressed after you can implement poker rules without any difficulty.

  11. So, is it time for poker online?

    Whether you are from Great Britain or Russia, you might want to play at poker sites when you are stressed out. It is a better idea to stop and reflect on your emotions. Though Zynga poker, 888 poker or other poker sites, operating under UK gambling commission may seem like a good entertainment option, you should rather postpone your gambling session.

    The reason is that as you find escape in a video poker game, Texas hold ’em and Omaha, the quality of your choices deteriorates. So, if you don’t know whether you will win or lose, you are more likely to lose.

    What should be your strategy then? 

    Play online poker for real money only if you want to gamble. Negative emotions will lead to unwanted results in poker games.  

  12. Pay attention to your poker hand

    This is what you should do during poker online: evaluate your poker hand and estimate whether it is a winning hand or not. After a while, try to guess the hands of other players. You can do this by evaluating the flop, that is the community cards.

    Then you will be able to imagine the outcome of the poker games, from video poker to 7 card stud. Plus, you will increase the likelihood of a winning hand.

  13. Details at a poker table

    Pay attention to other players at the poker table: what they wear, how neat they look and their behavior patterns in general. For example, if someone constantly fidgets and has the poker chips all around while playing with his messy hair, then you might guess that this poker player is chaotic in his approach to poker games.

    Or, if another player looks put together sitting upright with his poker chips and cards in order, then you can assume that he or she is more of an analytical type.

    This applies to all global poker players: it doesn’t matter if you are in Great Britain, the United States or even in Australia, the patterns of behavior are similar. And, unlike other casino games, such as slot machines, you should pay attention to those tells.

    Simple observation gives you a better idea about your fellows at the poker table, both online poker for real money and the poker games at land-based casinos with registered trademarks. Also, you will get to know the methods your opponents use to win.

    All in all, these poker strategy tips are a small fraction of the global poker. They might not be enough for advanced poker players at video poker or at poker tournaments, such as WSOP. Still, if you are a beginner, this is what you need to make a successful first step in anything from poker unblocked to the World Series of Poker.

    If you are interested in other things about poker, such as poker tells or the importance of your position in poker online and in land-based casinos, stay tuned for the next articles. This is it for the poker guide.