Why did we write this online blackjack guide?

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    Bonny Ablo
  • 15 December 2021
Why did we write this online blackjack guide? Top 10 Casinos

Before we dive into our free blackjack guide, you should understand that game is among the popular gaming options. Also, the online game offers high opportunity to win real money.

Who did we write the blackjack guide for?

You can use this guide if you are new to online blackjack game. Here you will learn the object of the game, how to play blackjack board and beat the dealer.

If you already know a lot about, then you may read this blackjack guide to refresh your skills. Also, there is always something new to learn, especially in table games.

If you want to play this blackjack casino game in the office here is a small note for you: you can open casino blackjack online at unblocked games. With blackjack online gambling from unblocked gambling sites, you can play blackjack anywhere anytime.

How To Play Blackjack and Win Real Money

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here some help to understand how to play blackjack with examples down below.

  1. Hand Values

    To play blackjack tips you need a standard 52-card deck. So, a player blackjack card is no different than a replay poker card.

    There are numbered cards, face cards, and an ace. You must be familiar with numbered cards: they include every live blackjack card that has a number on it. For example, if your card is numbered 3 then the value of that card is 3. Thus, numbered cards get their face values.

    Next, we have face draw cards. They are called a number of decks of cards like that because they have a face or character, printed on them. A king, a queen or a jack of any suite are the face cards.

    The value of these cards is different: if you get a jack, queen or king, any card here is worth 10. So, with a jack and a 4, the value of your hand is 14.

    Also, keep in mind that just like any face card, a numbered 10 has a value of 10 too.

    Finally, an ace can be either 1 or 11, depending on what fits your hand the most. We will talk about this later in this card strategy blackjack guide.

    You also need to know what a hand means. This is whatever cards you have in your hand. To demonstrate, you might have an ace, a 9 and a jack in your hand – so this is your actual hand in a blackjack strategy chart.

    Hard vs soft hands

    There is also an idea of hard vs soft hands in double down blackjack. A hard hand is when you don’t have an ace or when that ace is counted as 1. For example, a hand of 9-10 or a hand of 8-A-8-7. Both are soft hands.

    Remember, there is the time that the real dealer bust stands on soft 17. We will talk about it in a bit.

    Having a soft hand means you’ve got that ace and its value is 11.

    5-A-4 blackjack hand or A-9 blackjack hand are hard hands.

    It’s important to differentiate between these two if you want to improve your basic blackjack odds or baccarat odds.

  2. You Need to Read How The Blackjack Game Proceeds

    This casino game starts with your bet. If you go to a licensed and regulated casino, then you win money to chips and place your bet into the designated area. Online, things are easier: you just decide on your original bet and play.

    But remember: once you get your hand of two cards, you can’t change your wager.

    The dealer gets two cards too: he or she opens only one of those. The blackjack card game that is hidden is called a hole card.

    The player left to the dealer plays his or her hand first, followed by the rest of the players. Afterward, it is the dealer’s turn to open the hole card.

    Here the dealer checks for blackjack. If there is none, then the dealer checks for the hand totals.

    When the dealer’s hand is lower than 16 then the dealer must get an additional blackjack card counters. When the dealer gets a hand of more than 17, he or she must stand.

    And if the dealer gets anything exceeding 21 then the player wins.

    When you are done with the game in a casino you exchange your annual fee chips with the real money. In an online game, it’s a lot easier.

    Some games give you an option to surrender like slotocash. This does lower the house edge in your favor. Just make sure to ask whether the operator offers early or late surrender. And in both cases, you get to keep half of your bet.

    Go for early surrender before you make your first hit and before the dealer sees his or her cards. In late surrender, where you lose only half of your bet, you can surrender right after the dealer checks for his or her cards, as long as the cards don’t form a blackjack.
    Remember the object of the game and surrender if you firmly believe your hand is not a winning strike of fortune.

    So, this is the flow of online blackjack for real money game. Now, let’s focus more on the object of the game and the order to win.

  3. Prepare Yourself to Win

    Your goal is to beat the dealer. Forget about other players – you play only against the dealer.

    And how exactly do you win?

    If your hand value is close to 21 or equal to it without exceeding 21 then you beat the dealer.

    You have 3 options when you play blackjack:

    1. Have a hand value that is more than the dealer’s
    2. The dealer has a hand value more than 21
    3. have a blackjack when the dealer doesn’t

    And in what cases you lose?

    1. You got a hand with a value exceeding 21
    2. Dealer’s hand value is more than yours not exceeding 21
    3. Losing is not your cup of tea

Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart

Here are the charts outlining basic strategy. They tell you what to do given the value of your hand (left column) and the card the dealer is showing (right two columns).

HARD 2 to 6 7 to A
4 to 8 HIT HIT
10 or 11 DOUBLE DOUBLE if more than dealer*
12 to 16 STAND HIT
17 to 21 STAND STAND

*This means that if you have a 10 and the dealer is showing 9 or less, you should double. If the dealer is showing 10 or an ace, just hit. Similarly, if you have 11, double if the dealer is showing 10 or less. If the dealer is showing an ace, just hit.


SOFT 2 to 6 7 to A
13 to 15 HIT HIT
16 to 18 DOUBLE HIT
19 to 21 STAND STAND


SPLITS (Yes or No)* 2 to 6 7 to A
2/2, 3/3, 6/6, 7/7, 9/9 YES NO
8/8, A/A YES YES
4/4, 5/5, 10/10 NO NO

*If you don’t split, treat your hand like a hard hand. For example, if you don’t split with two 7’s, make the appropriate play for a hard 14.

Hand examples – how to win at blackjack

Blackjack rules might be a lot to take in. That’s why first focus on understanding how to play blackjack and then move onto the European blackjack basic strategy.

Now here are the most exciting roulette odds examples. We will go through real-life cases and then we will move onto the blackjack chart.

Example 1

The best-case scenario is when you have an American blackjack 21: ace and a 10-value card. Unfortunately, it’s not something that happens every so often. But if you do get a blackjack you win automatically, unless the dealer checks for blackjack and has it.

This is called a push. But look at it from a positive perspective – at least you can keep your bet.

If only you have the blackjack, you get credit scores paid 3 to 2. Say your bet is $20. With your blackjack you win the same amount plus half of your bet, that is $30 in total.

Depending on your location or online blackjack game, you can encounter varied payouts. For example, when you play in the United States, you might see that the payout is not 3 to 2 but 6 to 5.

Even if it is blackjack online from unblocked gambling sites, don’t play where the payout is 6 to 5. Keep in mind that blackjack table games or online blackjack game that pay anything less than 3 to 2 for blackjack 21 are not acceptable.

Example 2

Let’s say you have an ace and 6. Then the value of your hand can be either 7 or 17.

If you get one more card, a 9, for example, your ace turns into 1 because otherwise, your hand value equals 26. In this case, you bust.

The bust is having a hand value exceeding 21. When you bust, you lose your bet.

Say, you got a jack and 8. Then it would be more logical to stand regardless of the dealer’s upcard because the probability of you getting 3 or 2 for blackjack 21 or anything close to 21 is low.

Standing means that you don’t do a thing for the current round.

Example 3

You have a hand of 5 and 8. You might not know whether to hit or stand – here you are better off hitting if the dealer’s upcard is more than 6 because you have a chance to get a card that makes your hand close to 21 or equal to it.

Hitting is getting one more card.

Example 4

If you get a hand with a value of 11, you might double down, unless the dealer has an ace.

Double down is to double your bet and to get only one additional card without a further chance to hit.

In case you win when you double your bet, you get your twice as much as your original bet. And if you lose, you lose your double bet.

Example 5

What if you have two cards of the same value? You split – if you have two aces, then you split aces; if you have two 7s, for example, then you split your 7s.

Split is playing two hands instead of one. This is how you do it: you bet on your newly emerged 2nd hand the amount equal to your original bet.

Say you have two 7s. You can split the 7s and play with each 7 separately. You essentially end up with two hands to play with.

Now you can do whatever you would do with each of your two hands. Hit or stand (after you hit) or double down, all are possible. You can even split aces or any other cards up to 3 times, which leaves you with four hands in total.

Remember that you play one hand at a time, be it play blackjack online at unblocked games or table games.

If you split aces you can get only one card for each hand. And if your additional card has a value of 10, it doesn’t help much either, because you can get a blackjack only with your original hand and original bet.

You still can win with this blackjack 21, though the payout won’t be 3 to 2.

Example 6

If you think that the player might have a blackjack you can insure yourself. You do so with a side bet that is half of the original bet. In case you are right, your payoff is 2 to 1 that is you get to keep the side bet you just made.

If you are wrong and the dealer doesn’t have blackjack 21, then you lose your insurance bet