Slots Era WiKi: Walkthrough Tips & Tricks

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    Bonny Ablo
  • 07 January 2022
Slots Era WiKi: Walkthrough Tips & Tricks Top 10 Casinos

ATTENTION! You cannot win real money or prizes. The game is created for entertainment purposes only as a simulation of a casino game.

The content of the article
SLOTS ERA is an Android game with a release date of 11/05/2016 from Murka Games. Game genre: Casino simulator. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers 'answers to gamers' questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Slots Era: A Beginner's Guide

Slots Era is a casino game that will be interesting not only for gamblers, but also for fans of traditional game mechanics on the Android platform. Here you will play slot machines, look for treasure chests and complete various quests on the levels.

The game is quite simple, the main game screen is presented as a territory with marked locations-levels, each of which contains slot machines. The further you go, the more slots you open for yourself. At each level you need to complete your task.

You cannot predict in advance what particular test you will face - it all depends on chance and your luck. If you win, you get a win, if you lose, then, accordingly, you part with your game currency.

Gambling. As such, there is no plot in the game. You will have 1625 levels and a huge number of slot machines. Your function is to go from level to level, open slot machines and complete tasks. Slots Era is a simulator of slot machines where the player plays for game currency. As in any other gambling game, the gameplay will seem easy at first: you will constantly win and easily advance through the levels. But remember: luck will not always accompany you! Over time, you can even run into a negative and lose much more often than you win. Be vigilant, do not forget that this is only a game, and losing is not scary.

Game currency. There are two types of game currency in the game: gold coins of the Sun God Ra and rubies. You can see all your currency at the top of the game screen.
  • Golden coins. Needed for betting in slot machines.
  • Rubies. You will need it when completing a super game and to get free spins.
  • You win in-game currency in slots, but you can also buy it for real money in the in-game store.
Types of levels. There are three types of levels in the game:
  • General: with conventional slot machines;
  • Increased difficulty: you have to try hard to win. These levels are marked with shields;
  • Search for treasures. They look like chests.
The game has not been translated into Russian. All actions, explanation of tasks and help are written in English. In order not to experience difficulties with translation and to feel confident in the game, we recommend that you resort to the help of translation utilities for the Android system.

For example, with the free Screen Translator program, you can translate game text without leaving the game. To do this, you need to install this utility on your device and select the language into which you want to translate the text. In the game itself, you need to select a site for translation and click the "Translation" button in the window that appears.

Slots Era: Slot Machine Guide

Slote Machine ERA

Methodology. As you progress through the Slots Era levels, you open slot machines and complete tasks related to spinning the reels. Each slot is unique and gives you your winnings. The standard layout of slot machines in this game is a display with five or more reels that spin when a button is pressed.

Each slot is calculated according to the combinations of matching symbols. When matching symbols are on one payline, it will light up and lock onto the screen while all other symbols continue to spin. One line can contain one winning combination.

Slot machine designations. Pressing the "Play" button next to the level number on the main playing field, you enter the slot machine room. Here you will see the reels of the slot machine and several elements.

How to spin the drums? The "Spin" button starts the rotation of the reel. You can press it for each spin of the drum, or simply hold it down to make the drum spin automatically.

You will have to re-set the auto reel spin feature after completing the Bonus Game and Free Spins. Do not forget to hold down the "Spin" button to continue your game..

Tasks. Next to the "Spin" button is written the task that you need to complete on the level. Each level has its own tasks, they differ in complexity and type of game. For example, you may be asked to play a bonus game, free spins or place maximum bets.

The progress bar. There is a progress bar under the reels. So you can track the statistics of the level passing. The advancement of the percentage slider shows how much you have left to go before the end of the level.

Placing a bet and winning. The size of your bet is shown in the "Bet" column. You can increase or decrease your bet using the "-" and "+" buttons. The higher the bet per spin, the more winnings you can get. Above the "Bet" column is the "Win" column. The amount of your winnings per level is indicated here.

Pay Table. Each slot has its own winning combinations. To view them, click the "Pay Table" button to the left of the graph with your bets and the amount of your winnings. In our example, you can see how many gold coins we will receive depending on the number of matches of these symbols in one winning combination.

Slot andoid game

There are two types of combinations:
  • High symbols - combinations of this particular slot, for which you can get the maximum win at the level.
  • Low symbols - other combinations.
What does WILD on a drum stand for? WILD replaces any symbol on the reel except free spins and bonus game symbols.

When you have one joker on multiple paylines, the game picks the payline with the highest winnings.

Winning line. On the right side of the screen, there is a progress bar, which fills up as winning combinations appear on the reels. The progress bar is designed differently depending on the slot machine. As it fills up, you start getting free reel spins.

What will free spins give me? With Free Spins, you can spin the reels of the slot machine for free. For example, if you have 15 free spins and you won’t win anything, you still don’t spend your coins. You can get a free spin by paying rubies for this, however this does not guarantee that you will be able to get any kind of winnings.

How can I see my winning combinations? This can be done in the paytable. To go to it, click the gear-shaped icon at the top of the screen on the right.

Bonus game. Any slot machine has a bonus game with its own rules. You can see what bonus game is in a particular slot machine by clicking on the "Pay Table" button. The bonus game drops out to you when you spin the reel. The probability of winning in it is very high.

Orb Jackpot. Orb Jackpot you can win in every slot machine. Each golden ball that lands on the reel gives the player three re-spins. Some balls may contain gems. If all the balls on the reel are filled with gems, you win the Grand jackpot.

Slots Era: Tips for completing tasks on the levels

Slots Era: Tips for completing tasks on the levels

Each slot machine in Slots Era has a specific task for you to complete in order to reach the next level. Here are tips to help you cope with different types of assignments.
  • Melt the ice - Melt the ice. You need to hit the winning combinations next to the frozen symbol to complete the level.
  • Cut the ropes - Cut the ropes. You need to hit the winning combinations next to the linked symbol and you will pass the level.
  • Win on the free spins - Win free spins. In this quest, coins earned in a regular or bonus game do not affect the progress bar.
  • Win on the Bonus Game - Win a bonus game. In this challenge, the free spins received do not affect the progress bar.
  • Collect icons - Collect icons. You need to collect the required number of badges on any part of the drum. They count even if they are not part of any winning line.
  • Win icons - Win icons. You need to collect the exact number of icons for the winning line.
  • Win in a row - Win a contract. You need to win the required number of times in a row.
  • Do spins - Do spins. You need to make the exact number of spins at a certain rate.
  • Free coins - Free coins. You need to complete tasks with free spins. Usually such tasks are limited in time.
  • Win coins - Win coins. You just win coins and move on to the next level.
  • Do max bets - Make maximum bets. You need to spin the reel at the maximum rate for some time.

Slots Era: Daily Quests Guide

Slots Era: Daily Quests Guide
Daily Quests are a set of activities that you can complete every day and receive rewards. The daily quests button is located on the playing field at the bottom left.

Types of daily tasks. There are these types of daily tasks:
  • Rotate the drum 100 times;
  • Complete 1 mission;
  • Play 1 bonus game;
  • Get 1 set of free spins;
  • 1 game in the jackpot room;
  • 2 games with maximum stakes;
  • Buy gold coins once;
  • Buy rubies 1 time.
You can complete all these tasks in slot machines without any problems.

Special bonus. For completing five daily tasks or more, you will receive prizes:
  • 2,500,000 gold coins,
  • 5 rubies,
  • 1 point of improvement.
Jackpot room. In the jackpot room, you choose your bet, spin the reel and get not only big wins, but also jackpots that you won't find in any other slot

Slots Era: Freemode Review

Slots Era: Freemode Review

Even after moving to other levels, you can return to your favorite slot machines and once again try your luck there.

How do I switch to free play mode? "Free Play" is a slot machine game without completing missions. To switch to free mode, click the "Slots" button on the playing field in the upper left corner. You will see a list of all slot machines available in the game.

Why can I only play some slots? The slots that have the "Play" button are the slot machines you have opened, where you can spin the reel right now and, if you are lucky, get a win. You can get access to other slot machines for rubies, but do not forget that in any case they will open for you as you progress through the storyline.