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    Bonny Ablo
  • 16 January 2022

I am going to use the European roulette wheel for this example. Here you can see a scoreboard with the ball in number 20 and on the table the ball also reflected in number 20.

I am going to use the European roulette wheel for this example. Here you can see a scoreboard with the ball in number 20 and on the table the ball also
reflected in number 20.

This is a previous session that i'd had many many years ago and this session is something special as i want you to follow now. I have moved the ball back to number eight on the scoreboard and on the wheel i am going to leave the scoreboard numbers intact so you can see it happening ball by ball. The croupier spins the ball and you can see I left a blue dot next to number eight on the wheel while the ball is spinning the ball lands in number 26 and i've updated the scoreboard and the position on the wheel.


The croupier spins the ball again and i'll leave a blue dot in number 26 and number eight i will carry on with the Croupier spinning ball right until the end of the session and you can follow it in video.

We have reached the end of the session and ball is in number 20. You can see number 36 has a yellow dot in it and that is because 36 actually occurred twice
in this particular session you can see the ball landed fairly close to zero quite a lot. It's pretty much all over the place and most people will think this is just an
ordinary croupier, but no this session was special i'm going to show you why now i'm going to start from number 8 again and show you each spin with a difference. I have cleared the wheel of dots and put the ball back to number 8 again once again the croupier spins and the ball lands in number 26. I've drawn a yellow arrow from number 8 to number 26

2-20pockets trick roulette

It reveals that the wall travelled 20 pockets to get there i have moved the wheel to the left hand side to make way for a distance wheel here you can see the pockets travelled wheel that represents distances travelled between a winning number and the next winning number.

number20highlightedblue.avif-trick-roulette and  video screen

Number 20 is highlighted blue as this distance has occurred once i will let the Croupier here do all the rest of the spins marking the pockets travelled wheel as it goes.

Trick view test app
At the end of the session on the travels wheel 19 is blue as it occurred once 18 is yellow as it occurred twice 14 16 and 20 are green as they each occurred three times so from 14 to 20 the total number of occurrences stands at 12 representing 75 of all the results on the distance travelled wheel compared to the roulette wheel that had no
significant pattern whatsoever, what i had to do here was look back through the records and find out when the grouping of 14 to 20 was established from the beginning 8 to 26 was the first spin 20 pockets was established from 26 to 36 the ball travelled 14 pockets.

10-to-20-roulette trick
14 to 20 are the outer distances travelled but i do not consider this to be a grouping yet from 36 to 17 the ball travelled 32 pockets the ball travelled from 17 to 31 and 18 pockets were travelled this is the third occurrence from 14 to 20. this is now what I call a grouping and will use as going forward the centre of this grouping is 17 pockets travelled

Trcik of win
17 pockets travelled forward from number 31 would be number 2. Number 2 here has a c marked in it for centre what i need to do is place three chips on each side of it to make it the neighbour bet to

7 cover seven roulet

cover all seven pockets travelled forward here you can see the neighbours i have placed N1 on each side of the red c N2 on the outside of N1s and N3 three on the outside of N2s what you need to do here is place a chip on each of the numbers that the green arrows and the single red arrow are pointing at and wait for the croupier to spin the croupier spins and the ball lands on number 21.
This is a winner and the croupier will pay you 35 chips and you keep the one chip that is on that number but you do lose six chips so you actually make 29 chips 17 pockets
forward from number 21 is number 33 the croupier spins and the ball lands on number one At the end of the session our forecast was only incorrect three times losing
21 chips our forecast was correct nine times making 29 chips on each occasion and the total profit was now 240 chips now that you know the distance travelled from the last winning number to the new winning number is very important there is one more hurdle to overcome if


you go to a casino sometimes the croupier doesn't give you enough time to do your calculations and place your bets if you're playing on an online casino you definitely won't have enough time because they don't usually have players there and the croupier spins the ball very fast sometimes
shorter than a minute that is why I created an app called roulette guess this app allows you to input the winning numbers as they happen I'm going to take you back to where we did the grouping and the forecast. This time i will Liven up the app for you let me just start the app.

Right here you have a choice of European roulette or American if you choose American you get an apricot background and you get this double zero which is the only difference on that wheel
I'll go back here go to the European roulette wheel you get a green background and a single zero


This is the app that will speed up your calculations and your forecasts. What you do now is you copy the screen as it happens eight first then 26 yes it does
ask you for confirmation in case you bumped a button because you can't go back if you do. 7 31 is the last one that's where our grouping was formed and if you go forward from here you'll see the same blue pattern 14 18 20 and 32 all showing blue for one occurrence 17 is the centre of the group now there's no counting of roulette wheels here the app already knows what you've entered and where the ball is so you just enter 17 pockets forward for your forecast and there it is 2. 2 over there with 19 to 21 19 21 and 25 to 34 25

 Roullete trick and guide

to 34. you place chips on all those numbers you go back and wait for the next spin next one goes 21.
Goes to 16 pockets forward which is there.
There it is. It was in your grouping. 21 is right there was correct and you enter your next number 17 pockets forward that would be where you place your bets for the next spin.

The main thing to remember here is that when the croupier spins the ball you must update the app you then go forward to enter the centre number of the grouping and go forward to see where to place chips for each of the spins for the remainder of the croupiers session.

When the croupier finishes the session you can save it with a screenshot if you want to but you must remember to exit the app
and start it again for its memory to clear so that when the new croupier session results don't get mixed up with the old when you establish a grouping from the new croupier remember to use the new centre as your forecast and then carry on with this for the rest of that croupier session.

You can go to my website showing on the screen where you can navigate to roulette guest video channel or the Google Play Store to get the app you can also go
to my roulette guest Facebook page where i process two hours of online roulette using my app each day thank you for watching this video and good luck.