LAG strategy is winning strategy?

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  • 21 December 2021

I've been mostly a TAG player online but recently I've opened up my range a little cause I've been having not only a hard time ranging these LAGy villains but also seeing that they're mostly winning players.

They have really high VPIPs not so high PFRs and a really high AFq.
So, do you think a LAG strategy is a winning strategy at least at online poker?

LAG is simply a strategy, not the strategy. One needs to mix one's playing styles to keep oneself competitive. Exploitative play is often quite helpful.
If you get beaten by LAG players then you are either too tight or in a wrong table.

Tight-aggressive strategy

And I don't think so, I think that a tight-aggressive strategy is better than a loose-aggressive one.
LAG can work on a short distance, there are times when the card comes in, you win with any hand, but it's not for long)).
In general, everything depends on the people you play with, it's not for nothing that they say that poker is not a game with cards but a game with people, so these strategies work in one situation and do not work in another.


The loose-aggressive style is not suitable for everyone. You have to have a fundamental knowledge of optimal poker game theory, to be able to navigate most of the situations you find yourself in, and to be able to quickly determine the +EV line. And this is not easy. Otherwise you'll be playing like a loose fish.
The basis is to put constant pressure on your opponents (you need the strength of position to do this).
To start with, when moving from a tight-aggressive style to a loose-aggressive style - play preflop as a LAG, and as a TAG on the postflop (cont-betting, the ability to put double barrels, competent value-betting)
A good LAG knows how and when to apply pressure and make adjustments. Otherwise, it's a fish. When they start to confuse you with a fish, it will make good money.

  • When Is LAG The Best Style ?

    LAG poker is very effective against tight opponents such as nits, who are afraid of marginal situations and playing big pots with anything less than the nuts. They’ll let the LAG push them around and the LAG will pick up enough pots to make up for the few times that they do get caught out.

    Straightforward players who follow the TAG style to the letter are easy to exploit with the LAG style. This includes beginners, who aren’t experienced enough to cope – and multi-tabling grinders, who play robotically and avoid marginal situations at all costs.

    In the later stages of tournaments, the LAG style is usually much more optimal than playing TAG poker. Rising blinds and antes means you must open up wider or risk being blinded out. Cash games with antes also punish tighter play, so it’s mathematically advantageous to open up wider.

  • When Not To Use LAG Poker ?

    LAG poker can only be pulled off by those with plenty of poker skill and experience. Beginners should not attempt to play LAG because it is a high risk, high reward strategy – and when it goes wrong it goes really wrong.

    The LAG style is also ineffective against the loose-passive calling station, who cannot be bluffed. Likewise, it’s harder to run bluffs in multi-way pots than against a single opponent. So the LAG strategy isn’t going to be much use on tables with a high players/flop stat.

    Smart TAG players can try to counter LAG play by tightening up and letting the LAG build up pots for them. Short-stackers can also make things difficult by being quick to go all-in. But when done right, loose-aggressive poker is a nightmare to deal with.

  • What hands do loose-aggressive players never play?

    LAG players don’t just mindlessly play every hand – there is a big difference between a LAG and a maniac. The LAG is willing to play more marginal hands, but they won’t play complete trash – at least not unless the right situation comes along.

  • How tight should LAG poker players be?

    A good LAG will adjust their starting hand range based on their opponents and the dynamics of the game. They are willing to play on a spectrum from slightly looser than the TAG to any-two-cards ‘street poker’ – but there will always be a good reason for it.

  • Can LAG-style poker players win?

    The LAG style can be very profitable – but it is very risky too. If you lack the skill and experience, it’s better to stick to a simpler strategy like tight-aggressive.