Are you a Deposit-er or Freeroller?

  • Author
  • 21 December 2021

When you first started building your online bankroll what were you doing?

Did you make deposits and capitalize some wins here and there? Or did you do it straight up free rolling with no deposits? As for me 90% of my bankroll building was deposits mixed with some sprinkle drop freerolls and micros. No offense to freerolls but at times they can be boring and I have a life outside of poker to be waiting 7 hours just to make a quick 3 to 5 dollars.

Whenever I deposit money I do it once every two weeks from work. I don't deposit a lot due to bills and priorities in life so I'll deposit at least $50-$75 and just try to capitalize wins here and there. Hopefully I build my poker account well enough to where I no longer have to deposit and just play mid to high stakes.